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Christina Major, Oil on Panel Titled : Floating in the Corner, 2013


Wesley Kimler Mixed Media Collage Titled: Afghan Dreadnought Kite (2016)

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Wesley Kimler Black Yellow Original Mixed Media Painting (2016)


From Afghan Kite series:

Neon Yellow against pure black, creating a bold composition.

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Chicago painter Wesley Kimler once referred to himself as the “bete noir” of the art scene, referring to the way he utilizes the physical act of painting. His bold, wide open, gestural canvases are intended to encode a hierarchy of repeated symbols.

He passes over Conceptualism’s often ironic interpretations to take the contributions of the Abstract Expressionists at face value, using their work as a sincere springboard for his own.

He is included in numerous private and public collections including:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY) The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL) The Rockford Art Museum (Rockford, IL)

Excerpt from interview:  AV: One of your most recent series has been the “Afghan Kites.” When you were around 20 years old, I understand that you moved to Afghanistan. How was that experience? Is this where you drew the inspiration for this series?

WK: Yes, I lived and worked in Afghanistan, one of my favorite places on earth when I was young — my real college campus. The Afghan Kite Collages which reference the fighting kites the people there fly was made in part due to my history and partially due to someone I was once very close with who is involved with human rights work in Afghanistan.


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