Cecil Touchon

Cecil Touchon is a renowned artist whose career spans thirty-five years. Touchon has an international following amoung collectors and is a major figure in the Massurrealist movement as well as a co-founder in 1987 of the International Post-Dogmatist Group. Touchon's paintings and collage are abstractions based upon typography.  Using the techniques of collage, he reassembles portions of letter fonts from billboards and printed material into pure abstractions that transform verbal language into a form of visual architecture. 

His paintings use trompe l'oeil techniques to painstakingly create the illusion of large collage abstractions.  They are characterized by warmly colored geometric shapes - overlapping rectangles and rounded wedges - that seem to revolve and recede into the background. The resulting work's are a play of lightness and mass that are both visually striking, and because of the hints of letters, intellectually satisfying. 

Touchon has played a major role in the fine arts for over three decades and has participated in the Venice Biennial in both 2001 and 2009.  His work is associated with Mail Art and the Fluxus communities and can be found in major corporate collections and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Chicago Art Institute and the Tate Modern in London.