Maximo Caminero

Maximo Caminero was born in the Dominican Republic in 1962. His work is rooted in the ancestral Taino culture(first inhabitants of the Antilles)its forms has a resonance in the present with a
modern view. The versatility of 
his paintings goes through the caribbean horizon, touching without hiding, the African legacy. His work does not have the spiritual and religious support that other renowned artists such

as Wilfredo Lam or Jose’Bedia had studied. He only captures the physical essence of these faraway desires. His work as he himself defines it: "It's a reflection of thought, where we wander in a world more real,far beyond the man-made, everything is philosophy” he says and adds, “nothing is found, man creates his dreams and nrealities and supports himself in fictional worlds. I do not escape it, i create my own world, my language. Although my story is recreated in  the day by day, in the human struggle in his defects and effects, i express the subconscious as this shows sovereignty and unknown, my religion” he concludes, “is the uncertainly, because I also know, that i know nothing.” Backed by a number of prestigious critics. His works have been auctioned at prestigious auction houses of America and some acquired by South American and North American museums.