Maximo Caminero

Maximo Caminero

MÁXIMO CAMINERO: was born in Dominican Republic in 1962. His work is supported in the ancestral Taino culture, (first settlers of Antilles) its forms has a resonance in the present with a modern view. The versatility of his paintings goes through the Caribbean horizon, touching without hiding the African legacy. His work does not have the spiritual and religious support that other renounced artist like Wilfredo Lam o José Bedia had studied. He only captures the physical essence of faraway desires. His work in the same way he defines it: it’s a reflection of the thought were he wonders through a more real universe, further away of what was created by men. Everything is philosophy, he tells us, and adds, nothing is proven, men creates his dreams and unrealities and supports himself in fictional worlds, I do not escape from it, I create my own world, my language. Even though my history is recreated in the day by day, in the struggle of the human being, in his faults and effects, I express the subconscious as this one shows sovereignty and unknown, my religion, concludes, is the uncertainty, because I also know that I know nothing. Supported by a number of critics of great prestige, his works have been auctioned in prestigious houses of America and some have been acquired by North American museums.

AWARDS: 2nd. Place Drawing International Contest A.C.C.A. Miami 1990. Honor's mention, Modern Art A.C.C.A. 1992 (Miami, Florida). Plastic Artist of the year 1996 (Premios Honor al Mérito, Miami, Florida). Artist of the year 1997 (Premios Dominicanos / Miami, Florida). Artist of the year1998 (Premios Independencia / Miami, Florida). Recognition of Artists' Plásticos Dominicanos College for the Contributions to the Dominican Culture in the Exterior (1998), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dominican prizes in the Exterior for his contribution to the cultural growth of the Dominican Community in Miami, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. (2000).

COLLECTIONS: The Harriet & George D. Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach, Florida Museum Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominica Republic. Museum Fundación Guayasamín, Quito, Ecuador Contemporary Art Museum Puerto Rico (MAC), Santurce, Puerto Rico.

No Frame

Ritual a la Luna Negra 42 x 70 oil on canvas (not available)